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CHF Investment Pool


Student Grants


Merchants to onboard


Taxes in BTC, USDT, LVGA

What is Plan ₿

Lugano’s Plan ₿ is a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether to accelerate the use of and leverage bitcoin technology as the foundation to transform the city’s financial infrastructure.
The plan will scale blockchain and Bitcoin throughout the city to positively impact all facets of daily life for the residents of Lugano. From small transactions with local merchants to larger efforts – such as paying annual taxes – blockchain will serve as the foundation for the city’s financial exchanges.

Bitcoin & Blockchain  INVESTMENT POOL

100M+ CHF

Along with a consortium of committed partners, Tether is setting up a 100M+ Swiss Franc investment pool for startups to develop blockchain and bitcoin technology as well as to promote the relocation of existing businesses that will bring expertise, know-how and people to Lugano. Additionally, a 3M CHF investment fund will be allocated towards developing tools and solutions to help local businesses integrate Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA payments.

Bitcoin & decentralised technologies courses


Thanks to strategic collaborations with local universities, we will launch specialised training courses to foster education in bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Additionally, we will award 500+ grants to equip students and young workers so they are ready to fulfill the vast demands of blockchain-related roles and contribute to the growth of a new and exciting industry in Lugano.

Blockchain HUB

and Bitcoin MEETUP

To demonstrate our commitment to nurture blockchain technology ideas and start-ups, we will build a hub to house 300+ blockchain experts and enthusiasts. Serving as a global point of reference in Lugano, it is designed to attract talent, encourage networking and knowledge sharing. The hub will host a recreational space for meetups and workshops to further foster education and development.


Accepted Payments

Bitcoin, Tether (USDt), and LVGA are accepted in Lugano to pay for public services. Individuals and companies can choose to pay any taxes and fees invoiced by the Municipality in BTC and USDt unlimitedly. 
A growing number of merchants in Lugano accept payments in LVGA, BTC, USDt and issue a 10% cashback in LVGA.


Bitcoin MINING

Lugano’s Plan ₿ supports the decentralisation of the bitcoin network and the activation of sustainable bitcoin mining facilities in the region. To make this vision a reality, we will actively support R&D and projects that are developing in this direction.

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