Tether, Paolo Ardoino speaks about Plan ₿: “Lugano is an ideal context for innovation”

Local ticinese newspaper laRegione publishes an interview with the CTO of the company that, in March 2022, launched Lugano’s Plan ₿ project together with the Municipality


“I am Italian: my parents come from a small village near Alassio, in Liguria. I’ve always been a computer enthusiast, I started programming at the age of 8, and now that I am 38, perhaps, I can say I have some experience in the field. In general, I have always been attracted by disruptive technologies and, in order to understand them, I studied mathematics applied to computer science at the University of Genoa, where I worked as a researcher for some time after graduating”. 


This is the prologue to a wide-ranging interview given by Paolo Ardoino to the local daily newspaper laRegione: the CTO of Tether, the company that issues the homonymous stablecoin (the most traded cryptocurrency in the world, also referred to as USDT) and is a partner of the City of Lugano in the Plan ₿ project.


In a conversation with journalist Mirko Sebastiani, Ardoino discussed various topics, emphasising in several passages why Lugano, from his point of view, is the ideal context in which to develop such a cutting-edge initiative: “In 2021, I had participated in a cryptocurrency-related event here, and I immediately realised that there was openness towards innovation in this city. He also specified that in Lugano, compared to the so-called ‘Crypto Valley’ of Switzerland, Zug, ‘there is a concrete project and desire aimed at creating an ecosystem populated by start-ups, established companies and universities, which can collaborate in the fields of blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies. An environment of research, education and enterprise, a real community. Not to mention the strategic location and the infinitely better climate”.


In order to read the full interview, visit laRegione and Ticinonline’s websites:

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