Confirmed Speakers

Nick Szabo

Cypherpunk | Computer Scientist

Stella Assange

Human Rights Defender Julian Assange's Wife

Paolo Ardoino

CEO at Tether, CTO at Bitfinex, CSO at Holepunch

Elizabeth Stark

CEO & Co-Founder at Lightning Labs

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Educator | Open-Source-Programmer | Author

Joana Cotar

Member of the German Parliament / Initiative "Bitcoin im Bundestag"

Pietro Poretti

Head of Economic Development, City of Lugano

Gabriel Shipton

Film Producer at Shipton House, Brother and Advocate of Julian Assange

John Noble Shipton

Father of Julian Assange Advisor- Assange Campaign Inc

Daniel Prince

Host Of The Once Bitten Podcast

Rocelo Lopes

Founder and CEO at SmartPay

Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin Consultant and Educator

Fadi Elsalameen

Adjunct Senior Fellow @btcpolicyorg @amsecproject

Federico Tenga

Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Consultant

Samuel Kullmann

Member of Parliament, Canton Berne / MA political science

Roman Martinez

Community leader at Bitcoinbeach

Meron Estefanos

Founder of Bitcoin Innovation Hub, Human Rights Activist and Journalist, and Distributed AI Research

Guy Swann

Podcast Host and CEO of 111 Studios

Adem Bilican

Co-founder and CTO at Relai

Joseph Kelly

Co-founder and CEO at Unchained

Joe Nakamoto

Independent Bitcoin journalist | content creator | MC

Max Hillebrand

Contributor to Wasabi Wallet and CEO of zkSNACKs

Marcel Hernandez

Bitcoiner/Organizer at @BcnBitcoinOnly

Becca Amilee Rubenfeld

Co-founder of AnchorWatch Bitcoin Insurance

Stefan Stolz

Teacher, Molecular Biologist and Software Engineer

Efrat Fenigson

Podcaster & Journalist, “You’re The Voice” Podcast

Seth For Privacy

Head of Strategy and Marketing @ Foundation

Martti Malmi

Bitcoin OG, Nostr developer

Dennis Porter

CEO & Co-Founder at Satoshi Action Fund

Federico Rivi

Bitcoin Journalist - Editor-in-Chief at ATLAS21

Salvatore Scorsone

Head of Operations at AdFulcon, BitPolito Co-Founder

Giorgio Rasetto

Entrepreneur, BitPolito President

Emile Jellinek

Entrepreneur, BitPolito Vice-President

Alexander Radionov

Nuova Bottega and BitPolito Creative Director

Stefania Barbaglio

Cassiopeia | FinancialFox Founder

Dr. Maxim Orlovsky

Lead engineer of RGB protocol

Lisa Tscherry

M.Sc. in Blockchain and Digital Currency | M.Sc. in Psychology

Felix Frei

Engineer at Swisscom | Founder

Natalie Brunell

Host of Coin Stories Podcast

Sam Callahan

Senior Analyst at Swan Bitcoin

Bart Mol

Founder and Host of Satoshi Radio

Stijn Toemen

Producer and Developer at Satoshi Radio

Aron Clementi

Elysium Lab Co-Founder & CEO

Gianmarco Guazzo

Elysium Lab Co-Founder & CTO


Bitcoin Italia Podcast


Meme genius / Meme Factory Member


Bitcoin Meme Dealer / Member of the Meme Factory

Sean Harris

Meme Factory Member / Halving Party Organizer

Pete Rizzo

Bitcoin Historian & Journalist

Bitcoin Mechanic

Chief Boiling Officer at OCEAN