Lugano’s Plan ₿ – Play, learn, win at the event “Easter in the City”

Until Monday 10th, a dedicated point in Piazza Manzoni will distribute information, technical support and prizes for all. 


From April 7th to the celebration of Easter Monday, while the Ciani Park and the center of Lugano will become a stage on which to celebrate spring with sports, entertainment, coffee and shops active from 10 am to 6 pm, Plan ₿ will also participate in this joyful atmosphere with a dedicated container designed for welcoming people of all age.


In Piazza Manzoni, for the “Easter in the City” event, there will be a sparkling red parallelepiped ready to gather those who want to know more about the joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether, which aims to accelerate the spread, understanding and use of Bitcoin technology on the Lugano territory.


During the days of the event, Plan ₿ staff inside the container will, for free, give information and support regarding the activation and use of the MyLugano app and the wallets that allow, in 300 city shops, to pay in Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA (receiving then 10% of cashback on every purchase value). Also and above all, it will be possible to play and win nice prizes related to Easter and Plan ₿.


All passers-by from the age of 12, in fact, will be invited to face a bravery challenge, obviously without any risk, through a virtual reality device called – not surprisingly – “Skyfall”: wearing a helmet, anyone can suddenly find themselves on top of a skyscraper, at 250 meters from the ground, and try to walk on a wooden board that protrudes into the void.


Between fun and adrenaline, each of the challengers will be able to win an object for witnessing the experience, or even – for adults – a monetary prize in one of the three digital currencies that, in Lugano, alongside the Swiss francs, you may already spend to make purchases in the adjacent shops.


To learn more about the event “Easter in the City”, you can consult the website of Lugano Events at 

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