Conversation with Dusan Matuska, Co-Founder of AmityAge

An educator and consultant who, over time, has carved out a prominent role among the most influential voices in a vast and competitive field, thanks to his ever-improving reputation and growing fame. Slovakian Dusan Matuska is now an absolute reference for anyone seeking to understand and grasp the allure and complexity of the Bitcoin universe, with a journey marked by a steadfast commitment to education.


But the most well-known digital currency, the icon of the decentralized finance world, became a learned and heartfelt discovery during the journey of a lifetime for him. Before devoting himself full-time to Bitcoin, Matuska was a mathematics tutor and facilitator of international communications. This background allowed him to refine his skills in relationships and teaching. His vision? Clear, distinct, and concrete: to help people understand Bitcoin not just as a means of protecting themselves from inflation or the fluctuations caused by arbitrary decisions made by banks and governments, but also as a tool with the potential to bring about transformation in the global economic landscape.


At just 29 years old, Dusan moved to Honduras, to the island of Roatán, where he founded an academy with an ambitious goal: to make Bitcoin accessible to 100 million people worldwide. To achieve this, Matuska is exploring the possibility of engaging in Bitcoin mining in Paraguay, a venture that could further solidify his plans for Latin America. As a co-founder of AmityAge, we had the opportunity to interview him after encountering him at the Plan ₿ Forum 2023, held in Lugano on October 20th and 21st, where he was among the most highly regarded speakers.


How did your passion for Bitcoin originate?


“It began in 2017 when I was introduced to Bitcoin by my dear friend Peter. He didn’t explain to me how to get rich at the time, but rather how Bitcoin could and can help people around the world who lack access to banks and the global financial system. This fascinated me and inspired me to learn more. So, I developed an aspiration: to address significant money-related issues and then attempt to separate money from the state. I believe these two principles can have an enormously positive impact on various issues that we currently face, issues we often don’t associate with corruption linked to money.”


Let’s discuss the Bitcoin education center in Honduras: what are your goals, and how do you plan to reach 100 million people by 2030?


“The goal we’ve set for our academy in Honduras is to make Roatán Island the ‘Bitcoin hub’ in the Caribbean and a tangible example of how a circular economy based on Bitcoin can be built. Welcoming 100 million people is a challenging task, but we aim to achieve it by focusing on training new educators worldwide. With their help, we believe we can reach this milestone. We believe in a grassroots approach and aim to support the creation of these beacons of hope by preparing enthusiastic trainers in every country around the world.”


How does Bitcoin mining in Paraguay fit into your educational plans for Latin America?


“Let’s say it helps us pay the bills associated with our educational activities. AmityAge’s ambition is to reach that number, those 100 million people, but to achieve that, we need to finance all of this somehow. Hence the idea, three years ago, to invest in the mining pillar to support our mission. In the long term, we aim to make the educational component self-sustaining, but this may take another 2-3 years or so.”


Can you tell us more about your role and activities at AmityAge?


“I am one of the founders and hold the position of CBO (Chief Bitcoin Officer), as I often jokingly say. But I’m also responsible for the educational aspect and all matters related to Bitcoin, including the academy we have in Roatán.”


What is your vision for the future of Bitcoin and its potential global impact?


“It will be a tool capable of separating money from any form of intermediation. Owning ‘sound’ money can solve many problems, and we should use our time and energy to make this happen as soon as possible. The impact I foresee is simply enormous.”


At Lugano, during the Plan ₿ Forum 2023, what were the main topics you addressed?


“My workshop for educators primarily focused on the communication skills they need, which are fundamental to making the entire process more understandable and training more effective. Knowing how to handle beginners’ objections is crucial to effectively convey the entire Bitcoin ecosystem and not risk losing them at the first contact.”


What challenges do you foresee on the path to broader Bitcoin adoption, and how do you think they can be overcome?


“Everything revolves around changing your belief system about money and power structures. Understanding Bitcoin requires targeted education and a mental process to change and experience the benefits first hand. Education is one of the key components to tackle this challenge because without a grassroots approach, people may be exposed to scams, ‘shitcoins’ (cryptocurrencies with no financial or technological value, often associated with Ponzi schemes and other scams), and many other nefarious practices. If we want to contribute to building a society that understands the value of sound money, there are no shortcuts.”


How can awareness change the narrative around Bitcoin, especially in terms of financial security and stability?


“It’s essential. In school, they don’t teach us anything about money, so someone must fill this gap with connections and information. That’s why we need to know the stories of many countries that have experienced hyperinflation, bank account freezes, and economic collapses due to governments’ abuse of power. Only by knowing these stories can we learn from the past and avoid repeating the same mistakes.”


What advice would you give to someone who is unfamiliar with Bitcoin and wants to start exploring the Bitcoin world?


“Don’t stop learning. The more you know about Bitcoin, the more time you spend understanding it, the more you will appreciate it. Dedicate at least 3 hours to learning the basics of money and take more time to digest what you’ve learned before diving into Bitcoin. Personally, I don’t know a single person who has fully grasped this and hasn’t greatly benefited from it. Don’t be discouraged by mainstream media and verify without external influences. Your future will thank you.”

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