OCTOBER 20-21, 2023 • LUGANO

OCTOBER 20-21, 2023 • LUGANO

OCTOBER 20-21, 2023 • LUGANO

Confirmed Speakers

Adam Back

CEO at Blockstream

Paolo Ardoino

CEO at Tether, CTO at Bitfinex, CSO at Holepunch

Nick Szabo

Cypherpunk and Computer Scientist

Philip Zimmermann

Creator of PGP, Associate Professor Emeritus, TU/Delft

Max Keiser

Founder of El Zonte Capital

Stacy Herbert

Founder of El Zonte Capital

Michele Foletti

Mayor of City of Lugano

Stella Assange

Julian Assange's Wife

John Noble Shipton

Father of Julian Assange Advisor- Assange Campaign Inc

Gabriel Shipton

Film Producer at Shipton House, Brother and Advocate of Julian Assange

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Expert, Open-Source Coder, Bitcoin Books Writer

Samson Mow


Mathias Buus

CEO Holepunch

Pietro Poretti

Head of Economic Development

Elizabeth Stark

CEO & Co-Founder Lightning Labs

Farida Nabourema

Executive Director of the Togolese Civil League

Obi Nwosu

CEO Fedi and board member at ₿trust and Gridless Compute

Max Keidun

CEO at Debifi

Oleg Mikhalsky

Partner Fulgur Ventures

Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin Consultant and Educator

Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Podcaster

Daniel Batten

Founder, CH4 Capital

Ray Youssef

Founder, Paxful & the Built With Bitcoin Foundation

Hermann Vivier

Chairman - Bitcoin Ekasi

Sebastien Gouspillou

CEO BigBlock DataCenter & BigBlock GreenServices

Joe Martin

Bitcoin Educator

Andreas Streb

Vice Chairman of the Board of Management Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG, Ingolstadt

Joe Nakamoto

Reporter for Cointelegraph

Roman Martinez (Chimbera)

Community leader at Bitcoinbeach

Luthando Lovemore Ndabambi

Community Leader - Bitcoin Ekasi

Thomas Moser

Alternate Member of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank

Natalie Smolenski

Founder, Texas Bitcoin Foundation / Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute


Bitcoin Italia Podcast


Bitcoin Italia Podcast

Mike Peterson

Director of Bitcoin Beach

Anita Posch

Bitcoin educator, author and founder of Bitcoin for Fairness

Stefan Stolz

Founder 1Sat2Flash

Rocelo Lopes

CEO SmartPay


Editor, Bitcoin Magazine, Kraken

Rahim Taghizadegan

Austrian economist, Investor in Bitcoin citadels


Node Runner at Africa Free Routing

Francis Mars

Creator of Chain Duel

Julian Liniger

Co-Founder & CEO at Relai

Daniel Prince

Host Of The Once Bitten Podcast

Dusan Matuska

Bitcoin educator and miner, Co-founder of AmityAge

Tatiana Moroz

Singer-Songwriter and founder of Crypto Media Hub

Aaron van Wirdum

Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine / Co-host of the Bitcoin, Explained podcast

Oliver Gugger

Senior Lightning Infrastructure Engineer at Lightning Labs

Marc Guilliard

Hotel Manager/Bitcoin CEO at Hotel Princess

Scott Millar

Founder of SideSwap

Rockstar Dev

Bitcoin Uncle

Knut Svanholm

Author/Host of the Freedom Footprint Show

Michael Schmid

Co-Founder Nakamoto Heating Solutions

Giorgio Rasetto

President @BitPolito

Gabriele Vernetti

Co-founder @BitPolito and @StratumV2 developer

Jesse Knutson

Head of Operations, Bitfinex Securities

Kevin Rooke

Host of The Kevin Rooke Show

Salvatore Scorsone

BitPolito Cofounder and Head of Education, Bitshop CTO

Kristian Csepcsar

Chief of Propaganda at Braiins

Samuel Kullmann

Member of Parliament, Canton Berne / MA political science

Yemoja Uzume

Copyleft Bitcoin Music Creator and Founder of The Orange Pill Jam Project

Marco Amadori

Ceo inbitcoin , Bitcoin Valley kickstarter

Alejandro Del Conde

Artist & Designer

Pierre Corbin

Bitcoin filmmaker & entrepreneur, co-founder @ Bitcoin FilmFest

Joana Cotar

Member of the German Parliament / Initiative "Bitcoin im Bundestag"

Tomek K

Ideapreneur, libertarian activist / co-founder @ Bitcoin FilmFest

Josue Lopez

Managing Partner at Type One Capital/ CEO at Volcano Energy

Alexandre Poltorak

Co-founder of Hodling SA

Darko Gasic

Co-founder of Hodling SA

Abubakar Nur Khalil

CEO, Recursive Capital

Aleksandar Svetski

Author UnCommunist Manifesto, Founder @ Spirit of Satoshi

David Knezic

Founder and CEO @ Pocket Bitcoin

Daniela Brozzoni

Open source Developer @bitcoindevkit, co-founder hackbs

Federico Tenga

Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Consultant

Massimo Musumeci

Development at Denali Sarl


Founder of Decouvre Bitcoin


Engineer at BitBox

Moritz Kaminski

Co-founder of Alby

John Dennehy

Founder/ Board President My First Bitcoin

Aldert Greijdanus

Lead Designer at Synonym

Peter Todd


Riccardo Masutti

Cybersecurity and Privacy at Bitfinex

James Dewar

Partner, Bridge2Bitcoin

Roy Sheinfeld

Co-founder & CEO of Breez

Tobias Seidl


Alex Naray

Partner at Naray Law

Robert Breedlove

Host of the "What is Money?" Show


CTO at Synonym

Adem Bilican

Relai Co-founder & CTO

Severin Bühler

Lightning Engineer

Emanuele Napoli

Head of R&D at BitPolito

Michael Kunz

Legal Partner at MME Legal | Tax | Compliance

Giw Zanganeh

CEO of ACME Swisstech

Björn Schmidtke

Co-Founder and CEO of Penguin Group

Paolo Bortolin

Deputy CFO City of Lugano

Greg Carson

Managing Partner at Humla Ventures

Bota Jardemalie

Human rights defender and political refugee from Kazakhstan. Member of Building True Change (BTC) Coalition and Member of the New York Bar

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

President of the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) and Human rights defender from Ukraine Coordinator of Building True Change (BTC) Coalition

Juan Carlos Reyes

President - CNAD (National Commission of Digital Assets) El Salvador

Nurkhat Kushimov

Chief Executive Officer Astana Financial Services Authority

Yerkegali Yedenbayev

Chief FinTech Officer Astana Financial Services Authority

Tim Aron

Bitfinex Securities Head of Compliance Barrister, Minerva Chambers

Vincenzo Trani

President of Mikro Kapital

Harry Halpin

NYM Technologies SA - CEO

Alexis Roussel

NYM Technologies SA - COO

Arnab Naskar


Santiago Racca

Main Engineer and Team Leader at Penguin Lab

Mauro Del Barba

Italian MP, member of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly