OCTOBER 28-29, 2022 • LUGANO

OCTOBER 28-29, 2022 • LUGANO


Adam Back

CEO at Blockstream

Paolo Ardoino

CTO at Tether and Bitfinex

Nick Szabo

Cypherpunk and Computer Scientist

Peter McCormack

Host of @whatbitcoindid Chairman of @realbedford

Max Keiser

Founder of El Zonte Capital

Stacy Herbert

Founder of El Zonte Capital

Michele Foletti

Mayor of City of Lugano

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Expert, Open-Source Coder, Bitcoin Books Writer

Stella Assange

Julian Assange's Wife

John Noble Shipton

Father of Julian Assange Advisor- Assange Campaign Inc

Gabriel Shipton

Film Producer at Shipton House, Brother and Advocate of Julian Assange

Rahim Taghizadegan

Austrian economist, Investor in Bitcoin citadels

Farida Nabourema

Executive Director of the Togolese Civil League

Fadi Elsalameen

Senior Adjunct Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute

Indira Kempis

Mexican senator for Nuevo León

Milena Mayorga

Ambassador of El Salvador to the United States of America

Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin Consultant and Educator

Samson Mow

CEO at Pixelmatic/Architect of Bitcoin bonds

Max Keidun

CEO at Debifi

Sergej Kotliar

CEO at Bitrefill

Larry Cermak

VP of Research at The Block Research

Pietro Poretti

Director of the Economic Development Division of City of Lugano

Gabor Gurbacs

Founder: @PointsVilleApp + Director at VanEck/MVIS

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder of Polygon

Arnab Naskar

Co-Founder of STOKR

Oleg Mikhalsky

Partner Fulgur Ventures

John Carvalho

CEO at Synonym

Antoni Martin

Co-founder, Polygon ID & Polygon Hermez

Natalie Brunell

Host of Coin Stories and Hard Money

Mathias Buus

Head Honcho at Holepunch

Riccardo Masutti

Cybersecurity and Privacy at Bitfinex

Dejan Roljic

Founder & CEO, Eligma

Amit Pradhan

Executive Chairman, Rainfall

Julian Liniger

Co-Founder & CEO at Relai

Allen Farrington

Writer and Investor

Mike Chobanian

Founder Kuna.io and Ukraine Cryptocurrency Fund

Carla & Walker

AKA The Crypto Couple

Roya Mahboob

CEO and Founder of Digital Citizen Fund

Reza Bandegi

CTO at Synonym + Lightning at Bitfinex

Jan-Willem Burgers

Business development at Synonym

Aldert Greijdanus

Lead Designer (UX/UI/Brand) at Synonym

Javier Bastardo

Organizer at Satoshi en Venezuela

Christian Decker

Core Engineer at Blockstream

Louis H. Liu

Mimesis Capital Asset Management

Ben Cousens

Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE

Eric Wall

Crypto Blogger

Ali Pourdad

Quantfury Trading CEO

Patrick Zahnd

CEO & Co-Founder lipa

Adrian Pauli

CTO & Co-Founder lipa

Bastian Feder

CIO & Co-Founder lipa

Peter Todd


Sanja Kon

CEO Utrust

Douglas Bakkum

CEO & Co-founder Shift Crypto


Product Lead & Co-founder Shift Crypto

Nicolas Brand

Partner Lakestar

Monty Metzger

CEO & Founder LCX

Oscar Merry

CEO Fountain

Irina Heaver

The Crypto Lawyer

Mayra Tama

Principal at Initial Capital

Desiree Dickerson


Matthias Koller

Co-Founder & Business Development Pocket Bitcoin

Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Podcaster


Bitcoin Italia Podcast


Bitcoin Italia Podcast

Jeremy Winkler

VP Business Development EMEA at IBEX Mercado

Obi Nwosu

CEO Fedi and board member at ₿trust and Gridless Compute

Jaran Mellerud

Research analyst at Arcane Research

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

President of the Open Dialogue Foundation

Willy Woo

Co-founder, Crest Fund

Paul Saliba

CEO & Founder, Volpex Ltd

Alejandro Fernandez

Head of trading, Volpex Ltd

Ivan Kirillov

CEO, Total Technologies

Victor Ammer

CEO, Ammer Group

Harry Halpin

CEO, Nym Technologies

Federico Tenga

Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Consultant

Jimmy Djabali

Founder of Swiss Bitcoin Pay